Windsurfing - Naxos Lagoon


Naxos lagoon
The lagoon of Naxos measures about 1 km by 300 m. The water is flat and shallow - about 1 m in depth. The waves break outside as there is a reef in front of the lagoon. There is a marked exit to get to the open sea. The wind direction is side-onshore.

Kitesurfing is not permitted there. It also could possibly be dangerous - there are low flying air planes. The airport of Naxos is very close. The flights are infrequent, there is no noise problem.

lagoon full view The lagoon of Naxos is close to the islands 'capital' Naxos town.

Naxos lagoon wave break There are world class freestyle conditions. Windsurfing freestyle competitions take place frequently there.

windsurfing center Flisvos The windsurfing center "Flisvos", another dependency of Flisvos.

windsurfing center Naxos Surf Club The windsurfing center "Naxos Surf Club". It is situated on the south beach of the lagoon.


Camper an der Lagune von Naxos On the sandy area of the south beach of the lagoon, camper vans and mobile homes can be found frequently. Do NOT stay there at night with you car. This is not permitted and you will get expensive fines.

Accommodations and Hotels

There are only a few accommodations very close to the lagoon. But the Naxos wave spot is only 400 m away. You can find more Accommodations there.

South Beaches spots (Maragas to Plaka)

beach sunset Windsurfing Beach Naxos Kitesurfing Beach Naxos Portara Agia Anna